king Aodhan

Risur's current monarch


Risur’s current monarch, King Aodhan, rules from Torfield Palace in
Slate. Now in his seventies, Aodhan was only thirty when the previous
king chose him as his successor. Aodhan had distinguished himself in
the Third Yerasol War against Danor, performing feats of strength and
heroism most men today assume are just tall tales.

Aodhan has always been fascinated by Danor’s technology, ever since
he lured its first steam-powered warship into a kraken’s reef lair, waited
for the crew to abandon ship, then beat back the kraken and single-handedly
piloted the vessel—still bearing scars of the kraken’s tendrils—to
the harbor of Flint. Once he took the crown, Aodhan pushed for industrial
investment to keep up with Danor, but regional governors forced
him to keep foreign technologies out of Slate. Flint became the next most
obvious choice.

King Aodhan’s aged wife died four years ago. Though heredity and
marriage has little impact on national succession, many wonder whether
the king will seek a new bride so late in life. Despite his great strength in
his youth, the king grows weaker each year.

Many suspect he will name his youngest sister Duchess Ethelyn of
Shale as his replacement, and indeed she has distinguished herself as
a leader in the Fourth Yerasol War that ended seven years ago, despite
that her city nearly fell to Danor. She is rumored to have close ties to the
Unseen Court, and acts as Risur’s ambassador to its nearest neighboring
nation. However, her coronation would be the first in Risur’s history that
transferred the crown between two blood relatives.

king Aodhan

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