Thames Grimsley

Leader of the dockworkers


A grizzled sailor, still with a full head of hair
in his early 50s, Grimsley acts as head of a
nascent dock workers guild in Flint.
Though he
only worked the docks in his youth, Grimsley
spent decades sailing—primarily as captain of
a ferry service in Flint’s harbor, but with a stint
in the navy during the last Yerasol War. He took
a gash from a policeman’s knife on the side of
his face in the last big docker riot, and since
then has tried to organize a unified front for the
dockers’ concerns.
A couple of months working
at a theater as a child gave him a very stylized
public speaking voice, one full of unnecessary,
melodramatic pauses.


Since the events during the first adventure, Thames’ influence in the docks has grown. He has managed to establish a real worker’s union, and he organises frequent gatherings and manfestations in front of places known to exploit workers. All of it is rather peaceful, despite fequent attempts to goad them.

Thames Grimsley

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