Benefit Points

Although it may be the responsability of the DM to present an interesting tale and to portray the world the characters inhabit, it is up to both DM and players together to make a roleplay work.

Player involvement is important and to promote this we will use a system of benefit points. Benefit points are rewarded by the DM to players for actions that help build and continue the campaign. Examples may be creating a compelling background, posting the character online, keeping journals, keeping track of party loot or drawing dungeon maps… Many things are possible.

Benefit points can be used in a number of ways:

  • to reroll any 1 die roll before the outcome of the roll has been revealed by the DM. The new result must be taken.
  • 5 benefit points may be spent to stabilize a dying character (that of the player spending them) or to save a character (that of the player spending them) that would otherwise have died.
  • Certain NPC’s may be influenced although DM discretion remains.

Nobody may have more than 7 benefit points at a time and they may not be traded or used to benefit other players.


Benefit Points

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