Character Creation

No OGL material without GM permission.
No 3.5 material or stuff from other settings. There’s enough to choose from in Pathfinder.
Everything is subject to gm approval. If you want something talk to me.
Characters must fit n the game. For starters they must have a reason to want to be a cop and work with the system. So no murder hobos. And characters must fit the theme of a steampunk setting.

Everybody must take a campaign specific feat. Check the book.
These feats replace the traits from other pathfinder campaigns. You do not get any in this one, unless you give up another feat for two traits.

Please be free to make a background and give it to me! The more material I get to build stuff around, the more your character will be involved. (don’t complain you don’t get into the story if you expect to be wheelchaired around until you get things to kill)

Also I want everyone to make at least two npc’s that are important to his character. I want this city to feel alive and important to them.

Character Creation

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