Chapter 2

I thought working for the RHC would be a clean gig compared to fighting some noble’s war in some country whose name you can’t even pronounce properly, you know less bodies, shows what I know. Besides the fact that there’s some nutjob whacking people off, there was also a body hanging on top of one of the spikes of the Danor embassy’s fence this morning.

When we got there they had already removed the body. After we convinced the guards to let us in, we first took a look at the body. The victim was a young ,at least for them, half elf, pretty thing too a shame. Besides the obvious wound of the fall, she also had two gunshots wounds that she clearly got after the fall, as well as a wound on her head that looked similar to some the wounds I saw as a soldier that were cause by necromancy. Jim did his spirit thing and we learned that she was running away from a guy named Creed.

After we inspected the scene of the crime we also found some blood and a used potion of invisibility. Pierce and Helena questioned a friend of the victim whom she came to meet. Told us that she moved into the city a couple of months ago. After that Pierce went and investigate some high class intellectual bar she frequented while Helena and Jim stayed at the embassy, me I went to talk to the cops that were first to arrive on the scene. Turns out somebody robbed the victim while she was hanging there and took off with some documents.

After that I went back to headquarters and met up with Jim. We went to the archives and found a dude named Surian creed, mayor’s assistant of the nettles and a former spy, things were coming together. We also found the vic’s rap sheet, nice collection of juvenile delinquency, makes almost look pale in comparison. Apparently some industrial put down bail for her once. Didn’t feel right so me and Jim went to have a little chat with the guy.

When we got there the guy said his uncle asked him to look after her when she moved to the city, ten years ago. After Jim decided to be a good Samaritan ,not that I blame him, and interfered with a strike with the result that almost every factory in the district has shut down, I can already feel the headache that’s going to cause us, we went back to HQ.

Pierce came up with a pretty good lead, turns out vic’s from gale, they’ve been on the hot list ever since that COALTONG incident, even gave us a lead on an arms deal going down in a couple of days. Next day we went and paid a visit to Nettles’ mayor. Told us that creed hasn’t come in today and doesn’t have an alibi for the murder either. We checked his office and found a gun that could have fired the rounds in the vic.

We went to his house after that but the bird had already fled. After this we decide to track down our only lead left, namely the kind uncle who was looking out for her, which took outside the city. Came across a wagon being attacked by bandits, so we helped them out. Almost got a bullet in me, courtesy of the ‘gentlemen’ in the wagon who had kidnapped the bandit chief’s daughter.

When we got there the old man, a skyseer, put us in contact with someone from gale. She told us that the vic was spying on a group that is trying to control the gates of the afterlife and pointed us in the direction of where we can find them. When we got there we were ambushed by creed and some kind humanoid creatures that I’ve never seen before., but we made quick work of them. After that Jim did some kind of thing with the bridge that made him disappear for a while. When he came back he was mumbling something about a small army of them. After that we took them back to HQ.

Chapter 2

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