Characters are members of the Royal Homeland Constabulary, a law enforcement agency. The crown calls on the RHC to take on assignments generally too hard or too tricky to be handled by the normal police.

As such, characters receive a salary to pay for their expenses, and they can requisition certain equipment for their assignments.

Items they discover (also know as ‘loot’ or ‘lewt’ in other games) are brought back to headquarters as evidence. Characters get a chance to buy certain items they would like to own, using the money from their salary to do so. ‘Forgetting to book’ certain items is generally seen as theft and frowned upon, and dealt with accordingly. Generally this results in a character being fired from the RHC and being emprisoned.

Furthermore, members of the RHC are trained extensively in the use of non-deadly force. The idea is to bring back prisoners for questioning and possibly trial. The use of deadly force when uncalled for is frowned upon to say the least. To that end, characters do not get a penalty when trying to take out an opponent with non-deadly force. Ofcourse, certain ways of attacking do not have a non-deadly variant.

This rule does not apply for monsters. Monsters haver no place in a civilised world.


Zeitgeist: Gears of Revolution DirkVanleeuw