Chapter 1

Things started out with what looked like a normal assignment. Babysitting a noble party the king would host to celebrate the maiden voyage of COALTONG, some kind of marvel of industrial engineering.

Things started out pretty normal, going to the crowds looking for trouble makers. Mara had a vision the other day, not that I really buy that stuff but she has been right before, it let us to one Grimsley’s boys. Apparently they were planning to cause some trouble on the ship, so we quickly removed most of them from the crowd, before things could get out of hand. Grimsley almost gave me the slip though. But Helena managed to detain him, guess for a noble she’s not too bad.
Anyway, after that Stover took us to see Harkover Lee to go over our duties, seemed like he had something against Duchess Ethelyn. After that the king arrived and the ship was getting ready to take of when the Duchess herself and her elven servant approached me saying she didn’t feel too well, So I took her to captain’s quarters where she could lie down.

The party was in full swing when we were taking our rounds when suddenly a shock passed through the ship. First concern was the ammunition room, if something happened there all hell could break. Jim and Mara beat me to it though, Jim used that ghost summoning of his, always gives me a chill when he does that, too bad she didn’t know who killed her.

After that we were making our down to the engine room when we spotted the duchess’ servant sneaking around. Had a bad vibe about it so I ran towards her, turns out my vibe was right as she and her gang of High Elves were messing with the engine. We took them down and I left the engine to the others while I checked on the Duchess. When I got there though she was gone, out the window it looked like. Jim and Helena managed to take care of the engine while Mara was evacuating the guests just in case.

After that Stoker took the case out of our hands. Just as well, I don’t get paid enough to wonder whether the king’s sister is a victim or a terrorist. Little did I know though that it was just the beginning of what would be a long headache.

Chapter 1

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